Sunday, March 2, 2014

Disney Trip 2014 - intro to something special!

The time has arrived. The legendary Disney trip of 2014.  This was not your ordinary trip to Disney full of magic and fairy dust.  Not the kind of trip overflowing with princess dresses, Bibbity Bobbity botiques, and magical pictures of your children's faces lighting up as they meet Disney characters, in person, for the first time.  No this was a Disney trip with the Allen boys.  And not only my 3 wonderful pixies but all of their boy cousins as well.  In my family, I have a brother and a sister.  My brother has 5 boys, my sister 3 boys.  So if you did the math, that's 11 total grandsons for my parents.  No girls.  Ever.  We all tried.  Believe me, we tried. But my family does not make boys.  The 11 boys current ages range from 11 to 1.  The baby stayed at home, so 10 boys went on this trip.  This was the epic trip to Disney to take all the grandsons, with my parents, to Disney before they hit the "I'm too cool to hang with my parents and would rather have my face in an iPhone than in reality" phase in life.  The point in life when there is still magic at Disney World.  And the point in life where every frustration and mishap at Disney lends to magical blog material that must be written down and shared.  So these next blog posts serve 2 purposes.  1 - to share with the world the ridiculousness that is our life, and at Disney no less; and 2 - to have a written journal of all the amazing memories and stories that happened so we will never forget.

So please enjoy these upcoming posts because you can not put 10 grandsons together on a trip to Disney without hilarious things happening.  And they did.

Magically yours,
The Joyful and Tired Dad

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