Sunday, March 2, 2014

Disney Trip 2014 - Day 1, part 1

We had to catch an early flight so we knew it would be an early morning, but how did Nate, the 4 year old, know?  Could it be that he hates sleep and more than that he hates our sleep?  Because it is his life mission to make sure we get the least amount of sleep as humanly possible while still staying alive just enough to feed him.  We set the clock for 5:00 a.m., we hit the snooze, then Nate decided we had had enough sleep and came in at 5:30.  But before our room, we flipped the light on in his brother's room because he thought they needed to be cranky this morning too. 

We got to the long term parking lot at the airport and loaded onto the empty shuttle bus to the terminal.  The bus made 2 more stops filling the bus.  At the last stop, on a bus full of people, Zachary looks outside and declares for all to hear, "Oh No, 2 more people?"  To which my wife and I are instantly embarrassed and the rest of the bus cracks up.  One man said to him, "Well you just said what we were all thinking."  To which Z replies, "See Mommy and Daddy, I can make adults laugh,"  which brought on more laughter.  This effectively negated our previous week's life lesson about his feeble attempts to make adults laugh can come off as rude so he needs to stop trying.  So much for that teachable moment. 

When we got on the airplane, I ended up sitting by the window with Nate next to me and strange man next to him and across the aisle, Drew, Lindsey and then Zachary by the other window.  The seating arrangements are important because during half the flight, Drew and Nate kept passing things across the stranger to each other.  To the point where he had given up leaning back and started helping them pass to one another.  And Nate with his iPod (i.e. distractibility device) was not content to just play a game.  No, he had to put on "Party Rockin'" by LMFAO, sung by the Chipmunks, on repeat for the entire first hour of the flight.  I apologized to the stranger before, after and multiple times during the flight.  But he was super nice and got a big kick out of Nate so it was ok. 

But after a 2.5 hour plane trip we finally made it!

See how happy we are and full of wonder and excited about the things to come?  This is how you can tell who are the people arriving at Orlando and the people leaving Orlando.  There is a visual and unmistakable difference between the 2.
When we arrived at our Disney resort, we got in our suits and headed for the awesome pool at Port Orleans Riverside.  We loved playing in the pool and the boys loved the hot tub...a little too much.  It was probably an 8 person hot tub and there were about 15-16 people in and around it.  But Nate and Drew, not knowing hot tub etiquette had the great idea to get in the middle of the hot tub, float on their backs bumping into people, and to drink the water.  Which is especially gross because we all know people pee in the pool and the hot tub, but the hot tub is like concentrated stagnate toilet water that maintains its pee body temperature.  There is a certain amount of deniability we all agree to when swimming in a public pool or hot tub.  We all know that pee happens but we ignore it and swim anyway.  Its not until you see your own child drinking that water, that you can't deny it any longer and need to get them out.  When it was time to go, I told Nate it was time as he was leaving the hot tub.  I have never seen him do this before but he looked at me, took his 2 fingers, pointed at his eyes then to my eyes then back to his and then ran into the pool.  As if to say, "I'm watching you, watching me, watch this as I ignore you and run back into the pool."  I couldn't even get angry because it was so funny.  And it was still day 1. 

Just wait,
The Joyful and Tired Dad

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