Saturday, March 8, 2014

Disney Trip 2014 - Day 3: Epcot, Part 2

This was a day we planned to stay all day and skip the naps in the afternoon.  I don't know if that was the wisest decision but there was so much to do.  After lunch in Germany and apologies in Japan as the hanger subsided, we moved on to Spaceship Earth which is the inside the giant golf ball at Epcot.  Before we did this ride we all stopped by the bathroom.  This was one of my favorite times at Disney because of this 5 minute bathroom break.  I went into the bathroom with all 3 boys and Nate and Zachary had no trouble and left to be with Grandma and Grandpa outside.  Well apparently Drew had to go number 2 and these were all his direct quotes during the next 5 minutes.  "Daddy, I need your help.  Its too messy."  I go in to help him wipe to which he replies, "Daddy look.  I got a poop finger" which he did because of a wiping mishap.  "Its under the nail."  He then matter-of-factly states, "I am going to wash my poop finger extra."  Well I should hope so, it is going to need it.  And as I am pulling up his pants, he yells "Daddy you scratched my wiener!"  The zipper scraped him but he was sure to announce it in a crowded bathroom after the conversation about his poop finger which I tried avoiding like the plague as he kept trying to use that hand to balance himself by holding onto me. 

After a thorough hand and nail washing and Spaceship Earth, we played some interactive games in the building below the ride.  Zachary and Drew had fun playing this electricity game using a shuffle board like stick to push around images on the floor.  When it was Nate's turn, he could not do it correctly leading to a temper tantrum with lots of frustration, yelling and this. 

In the middle of a crowded attraction, on a floor teeming with multiple Walt Disneases like Snow White and the Seven Warts or Cinder-rubella.

Zachary got the hang of it.
So I tried to help him understand...
But never got it. (as you can see by his face.)

We next went to Captain EO, a throw back to 1983 with Michael Jackson in the starring role.  I know they brought this ride back as a tribute after his death but its been long enough.  Time to update that ride, Disney.  With this track record, I am looking forward to Disney's newest attraction: "The Life size Whack-a-Mole featuring the band Wham! starring George Michael as the tight-pants giant mallet.  Or a Little Red Riding Hood inspired ride featuring Duran Duran's "Hungry like a Wolf." 

Outside Captain EO were the "jumping fountains."  Really cool to look at but do my children just "look" at something?  Of course not.  They must get in there and play in them.  Leading the way for other children to want to play and to get in trouble with their parents.  But do we stop our little trouble makers?  We probably should have but pick your battles right?

It wasn't like they were easily accessible.  The boys really had to stretch to do something they were not supposed to do.

I love this series of pictures.  Note the dad pulling one of his kids away while our two are going to catch the "jumping fountain."

He gets one and as he is grabbing the second, Drew is able to block the stream effectively spraying everyone including the upset dad holding his camera.

He leads him away as our kids celebrate the drenching.

And Drew then attempts to spray them some more as they get disciplined in the background. (All the while, I am taking pictures and not stopping this series of events because I can not stop laughing.)

We next went to Innoventions for some more interactive games.  I also found it hilarious that my parents tried playing some of the video games and would not let their grandkids have a turn.  When I asked how they were, my mom replied, "I think I gave Wall-E a seizure."

Grandma and Grandpa hogging the video games.

It was now time for dinner so we traveled by Monorail to the Polynesian for one of our most anticipated dinner reservations. 

On the monorail.

Our dinner was at a restaurant called Ohana.  It was Hawaiian themed but Brazilian steakhouse style of food.  They would bring everyone appetizers of chicken wings and pork potstickers as well as sides like lo mein noodles, steamed vegetables, pineapple bread.  But they would have waiters walking around with skewers of meat like pork, steak, chicken, and shrimp who would stop by your table always offering more and more meat.  It was all you can eat or as I like to put it - all you can shove into your stomach until you feel sick.  And then came desert: a bananas foster bread pudding.  All the kids loved the noodles and even our kids who hate protein actually ate the meat.

Nate shoving the noodles in.

An example of the meat skewers or as I like to call them: heavenly angel sticks of meat.
Well with 18 people eating together, everyone finishes at different times.  And 100% of the time, kids finish first.  And by the end of dinner, Ben my 11 year old nephew had had enough of all the attention our kids were paying him.  He went to his mom and dad and basically begged them to sit with them cause he could not take anymore of Drew and Nate.  What was funny was while he was having this conversation, Drew was right next to him pulling his shirt and holding his hand.  Next thing to happen was Nate decided he had enough of sitting on his chair, enough of standing, enough walking away while being yelled at, so he decided to go underground.  He went under the table and never came up for air.  I could have given him "Lilo and Stitches."  (You see what I did there?  Its a Polynesian Disney movie.  Get it?)  And Drew found it hilarious to take all the warm towels (yes they give you warm towels to clean you hands) and use them as weapons and juggling items while dropping them on the table in the food, his cousins, and on the floor in front of passing waiters with large sharp skewers of meat in their hands.

He is the only one smiling about his new toys.  Nate in the background is just happy to be with Uncle Mike.

Nate loved sitting next to Uncle Mike and tell him 4 year old toddler stories.

After we finished dinner, with full bellies and sore throats from yelling, we returned to the resort for some night swimming.  They all loved going down the slide at night as well as floating on their backs in the hot tub. 

Still going after a long day but still ready to play.

Inspired by Disney, my best "Little Mermaid" impression.

The beautiful pool at night at Port Orleans with the boys.

Floating in the hot tub.
I love Nate's ears in his goggles.

Once we got back to our room, a moment happened that I never thought would happen and I did not know how to react.  Nate walked into the room, changed into his pajamas, climbed into his bed and asked to turn out the lights cause he was going to bed.  There was no arguing, telling them to get back into bed, telling them to stop jumping on each other's beds, and no idle threats to get into bed or else.  It was peaceful.  Exhausted, we all went to bed happy.  Thank you Disney World. 

Well almost.  Right before we fell asleep, Drew tells me in a whiny voice "I can't stop wiggling!" 

Guess who was sharing a bed with him that night,
The Joyful and Tired Dad

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