Saturday, March 22, 2014

Disney Trip 2014 - Day 4: Animal Kingdom, Part 2

We finished lunch in DinoLand at the Animal Kingdom and met up with the rest of the cousins at the Boneyard.  It is basically a large play area with dinosaur bones to crawl around.  The boys needed to exercise their muscles and get their body's moving, while I needed to sit down.  You see all morning, I had been pushing a stroller with 2-3 kids at a time, carrying a backpack with 20 lbs of their stuff, or carrying one of them at all times.  So ironically, they now needed exercise! 

The Boneyard

Everything was going great.  The boys were having fun running around with their cousins, exploring, laughing, climbing and getting their energy out and I was able to sit and recover mine.  Then I noticed Drew's hair was wet.  And not only that but his entire shirt and pants.  This was not a water flume ride.  This was a simple play area for kids to play and climb but my child was able to find the one spot in the whole area that had dripping water down a wall.  It was not hot or humid this day.  It was February in Florida after all.  But still, at the entire huge play area amongst hundreds of kids, mine was the one who found the water and then led other kids to get wet too.  Your welcome parents.

Like the old saying goes "You can lead a child to water...
but you can't make him drink...because he will stick his head in it."

Drying out after finding the water.

Wes and Nate comparing who was more wet.  Thanks Drew.

After the Boneyard, we decided to take off for Downtown Disney.  But on the way to the bus, one of us was still a little sleepy.  Can you guess who?

If I am taking the picture, and its not one of them....

Who needs a pillow?

This was a consistent theme this day:  Nate looking for somewhere to lay his head.

We rode the bus to Downtown Disney and the boys were besides themselves excited about getting their own custom built lightsabers so we went there first. 

It was a cool setup.  You get to choose 4-5 parts of the handle and your own blade color.  You also choose a single or double bladed lightsaber.  Zachary wanted the double-blade which was fine but once Nate saw this, he needed to be exactly like his older brother and wanted a double too.  The only problem was the double lightsaber from end to end was probably 6 feet in length, which is 2.5 feet taller than Nate himself.  I managed to get this picture of Nate with the double before I convinced him that real Jedi's use a single blade, so he changed his mind.

Nate was only able to hold it above his head and was knocking over everything in reach.

Nate also got this Goofy pillow pet that he refused to put down, even while holding the lightsaber.  You can see him holding it in the picture above.  He looked just like Pre-school Darth Maul, except without the horns but with all the bad attitude and overflowing with evil from the Dark Side.

"A Jedi must feel the Force flowing through him...and through his goofy pillow pet."
-Obi Wan Kenobi

The coolest part of putting together their lightsabers was the Disney employee who worked there was able to help them make decisions about which parts to use, change parts out if needed and complete a fully functional lightsaber for the boys...and he was completely blind!  It was amazing to watch him put them together.  Just by using the Force!

From there we walked next to Rain Forest Café while Lindsey looked in ye Ol' Christmas shoppe.  I wanted to get pictures of the boys looking scared in front of the animatronic alligator.  This is what I got.

Good "scared" face...

...Ok "scared" face...

...I said "scared" face, not "aneurysm" face

We next went to the huge Lego store and the boys were able to create cars and race them down this track they had outside the store.  Outside and inside they had huge creations made of legos. 

Nate holding his Goofy again.

The day was getting longer and longer and Nate never got to finish his nap.  So again he looked for a place to hang his head.

From Downtown Disney we took a bus to Fort Wilderness for dinner.  On the bus, I sat with Drew and he tried to sleep holding his new Bolt stuffed animal while I tried to pretend I was blind to recover the money I just blew on souvenirs.

You can't see it but in front of me I have an empty guitar case with loose change.  No guitar just the case.

We took a bus to Fort Wilderness and once there, took another bus to get to the restaurant.  Outside the restaurant they had hoola hoops set up for the kids to play with.  Everyone was having a lot of fun.  And if everyone is having fun, that is usually someone's cue.  And on cue, Drew leans into Nate's spinning hula hoop, gets hit in the eye, and loses his mind.  I ran over to him because the way her screamed was like someone shot out his eye, surgically re-attached it, then shot it out again.  Nothing happened to his eye or face.  There was not even a mark, but because of the long day and fatigue of Disney, the drama was heightened and exploited.  When your kid has a melt down like that in front of other people, it takes everything in you to go to them, comfort and calm them down when all you want to do is look around for their real parents and stand in judgement with everyone else because you do not want to claim that. 

"Whose children are those?"

He eventually settled down and we had an amazing buffet at the Trails End restaurant.  Afterward, Drew needed to go to the bathroom, so I went with him cause it was my turn.  I wish that I hadn't.  Well, if you remember the "poop finger" incident from the day before, Drew has another "messy poop."  This one was so bad, I had to wet toilet paper to get him cleaned up.  Only the wet, dirty toilet paper got stuck in his butt crack and as I was retrieving a dry piece to pull it out, it did drop out...into my open hand.  And all the while Drew was cracking up and laughing.  I tried to give him a high five but he was too smart for that. 

We returned to our resort after dinner and has an awesome time night-swimming with all the cousins.  And once again, whose cue was it when everyone was having fun?  Drew ended up coughing on some water, so hard that he threw up in the pool.  Bye bye buffet.  He was OK and the rest of us stayed away from that part of the pool except Uncle Mike who swam right through it without knowing it.  (Until now.  Sorry Uncle Mike, we didn't tell you at the time or even after.)

Uncle Mike, I hope you took a shower after the pool that night,
The Joyful and Tired Dad

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