Monday, July 30, 2012

The "No Fair" Family Trip - Part 2

So we had ended our first day of vacation like most days at home: fighting, yelling, refusing to sleep and way past a normal bedtime.  So the next day seemed promising.  And like everyday at home, they woke up early.  Who likes to sleep in on vacation?  Apparently not my kids.  But this was the only day of the week that we had great weather.  It had cooled down from the day before and I did not wake up in a pool of my own sweat.  It was actually a great day.  Highlights: Zachary and Drew went on a kayak ride with Pop Pop and Lindsey, Zachary and Drew caught their first fish ever, I got 2 hours away from the kids to ride on a jet ski by myself and only 10 fights between Z and D.  
The rest of the week till Thursday was filled with a lot of the same.  Mostly fishing on the dock that was walking distance from house.  Zachary in total caught 19 fish and Drew around 4.  Luckily this fact was not focused on or it would have rubbed in and highlighted.  I was even able to catch a snapping turtle by the dock that must have weighed 20 lbs.  Now Lindsey has an irrational fear of turtles and has drilled into our children that you must never touch a turtle or you may get diarrhea.  I don't know if this is proven science that she read somewhere on WebMD or an urban legend she made up herself.  She is fine with fish and lizards and other creepy crawlies but there is something about turtles.  One time at a Dad's night at Drew's preschool, the zoo brought out a painted turtle to hold.  Drew was very apprehensive to touch it which I find out later was not because of it being a live reptile but because of the possible future digestion problems.  And directly after touching it, without skipping a beat, he asked the worker "Can I wash my hands?"  So I pulled this snapping turtle out of the water with a net and placed it on the dock.  Pop Pop came over and bent down to pick up.  And Drew in a panic yelled, "DON'T TOUCH IT! YOU'LL GET DIARRHEA!!" 

Check out some pictures from our boy's first fishing experience.

We also were able to go to Petosky State Park's beach on Lake Michigan.  We had a great time playing in the water, building a sand castle and burying Daddy in the sand.  We also were able to get a couple of good pictures of the boys which is every Mom's main goal on vacation. 

I want you to look at these next 2 pictures.  The first picture is 1 of around 50 that actually came out great.  The second is what the other 49 looked like.  Mostly Zachary yelling at Drew for no good reason.  Thank goodness for digital cameras and 128 mb memory cards that can hold 4000 pictures.  Because most likely you will get 5 good ones out of those 4000.  What did we ever do before digital cameras?  It must be why most of my family's photo albums from vacations growing up contained more pictures of scenery than pictures of my siblings and I.  Cause if you don't get that 1st picture, you only have 27 more pictures on that roll and film cost $10 a roll.  So scenery it is.  Check these out...and Zachary's butt crack.

On Thursday, we left the vacation house and headed for Bay Harbor to finish our trip at a beautiful resort on Lake Michigan.  Sounds great, right? 

Oh just wait,
The Joyful and Tired Dad

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