Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The "No Fair" Family Trip - Part 3

We traveled to Bay Harbor Michigan a short 20 minute drive from our non-air conditioned vacation sweat box/home.  We could not check in till later so we ate lunch at a terrible Mexican restaurant that served bad Mexican food.  To which my wife replied, "seriously, who messes up Mexican food?  its tortillas, cheese, meat and vegetables.  Its not that difficult."  I really believe that they used steak-ums instead of real steak in my fajita.  And we were luckily enough to find the only Mexican restaurant in the state of Michigan that could screw it up.  It was quite a treat.  After lunch we went to play Miniature Golf for the second time because we are a glutton for punishment.  You can never keep a real score when playing mini golf with children.  Because it turns into "who scored what?" versus having fun.  We learned this the hard way.  Zachary was doing well for the first 2 holes then Drew did better on hole 3.  Well, Zachary could not handle that and instead of trying harder, his strategy was to yell louder at Drew and blame him for things that Drew had no control over; like Zachary hitting his ball too hard or Zachary hitting his own ball into the water.  Yep, Drew's fault.  So then it turned into a competition about who would go first and second.  We then lost 2 balls into the woods and 1 potentially into the river but I literally jump in after it, soaking my shoe.  Because I knew, Zachary had to have the blue ball and no other ball could ever replace it.  Nate really got into mini golf too by starting his putt 1 foot away from each hole.  He was so into it he kept taking his ball on to the next hole bypassing and blocking the putts of the party ahead of us.  But in the end, everyone had fun, except me, my wife, the in-laws, and the 3 boys. 


We were then able to check into the Inn at Bay Harbor.  Well I unpacked our bags and looked forward to getting out of our single hotel room and into the beauty of Northern Michigan and start some good ol' family fun...  And it started raining.  And there was nothing to do for the kids. 
The beach turned out to be a rock beach instead of sand.   So we spent a lot of time throwing rocks into the water and trying to keep the kids from throwing themselves in too.  We attempted to take some beautiful family pictures, the kind you put on Christmas cards and convince your family and friends of the amazing family vacation you took by the look on all the happy faces and view in the background.  But this is what we got:

2 crying toddlers and 1 farting 7 year old.

Nate was poked in the right eye, Drew in the left eye, and Zachary blocked the eye poke by using binoculars.

I call this one, "Indigestion."

And of course, "the crotch grab."

We did the famous "O-H-I-O" picture with Nate dotting the 'i' which came out pretty well but check out the next one:

Zachary losing interest, Drew asking when we are going to eat next, and Nate whining because he skipped his nap and it was somehow my fault.

But of all our pictures, these were my favorite.  Can you guess why?

Stay tuned for the final part,
The Joyful and Tired Dad

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