Monday, August 2, 2010

After the "After the Final Rose."

How do you cope with having your heart broken on national television for all the world to see? Go on another reality show and break someone elses heart on national television for all the world to see. Its the ultimate revenge show. They disguise it with beautiful music and exotic locations and its all about finding your true love to marry them and live happily ever after. But if you think about it, its not about one person finding love, its about 24 people getting their hearts broken. But one lucky loser will return for the next season to get their revenge on the opposite sex and in the mean time find their life-long partner or at least their "15 minutes of fame after the press tour, Today show, Jimmy Kimmel live, Live with Regis and Kelly, Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, then your are forced to be with each other without cameras and constant attention so you think it would be better to break up and go after each other in the tabloids so you can have another 15 minutes of fame and after that go your seperate ways" - long partner.
Thoughts on the Bachelorette 6.
1. No catchy theme song like the last Bachelor, big mistake. So what song can be stuck in my head after the final rose? Not many songs out there can top "On the Wings of Love" especially when Jake was a pilot.
2. No Frank on the wrap-up show? At least show the newspaper engagement pic of him and his ex-girlfriend.
3. We all knew she was going to pick Roberto from like episode 2. So do I feel bad for Chris, the runner-up? I felt especially bad after meeting his amazing family and the fact he lost his mom and was looking for love lost. It would have been easier if he was some deranged person with 2 other girlfriends at home and was only doing this show for publicity, oh wait that was Justin/"Rated R".
4. Please no more catch phrases. I can't hear anymore one liners like, "love is the only reality", "soul-mate", "perfect one", "connection", and "chemistry". Its like seventh graders trying out new words they learned from "Tiger Beat."
5. I feel bad for the curtains that had to die to make Ali's "final rose" dress.
6. Could Roberto be anymore sweaty? They should not have picked Tahiti as their fantasy destination cause he would sweat whenever the temperature went over 60 degrees. He would have been better suited for the Himalayas. You know Ali was uncomfortable kissing him at the final rose ceremony. That thin line of beaded sweat on his upper lip made her second guess her choice right there. "Maybe Chris wasn't so bad. At least he stayed dry."

But now its midnight, and I can't beleive I have stayed up this late to blog about the Bacherolette. I mean it is more important than sleep. Oh, priorities.

Can't wait to see if Chris is the next Bachelor (I hope not he deserves better, but he does need his chance at revenge too),
The Joyful and Tired Dad

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